January Saturday Social

JPFA members are invited to the home of fellow member Debbie on January 6th to enjoy camaraderie, coffee, and salad bar lunch from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. If you’re not yet a member, plan on joining at our first meeting of 2018 on January 20th at the UNR Extension Office in Gardnerville. Additional information will be posted soon.

Salad Bar

Carson Valley Quilt Guild Presentation

The Carson Valley Quilt Guild was kind enough to invite JPFA members to attend one of their meetings. After being treated to their show-and-tell featuring amazing quilts, we shared a little bit of what JPFA has been up to. For more information on the Quilt Guild, visit their website here!

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Carson Valley Museum Demonstration

Job’s Peak Fiber Arts was invited by the Carson Valley Museum for the fifth year in a row to share information in June 2017 on various fiber arts. We demonstrated carding, cleaning, spinning, weaving, ice dyeing, felted and knitted projects. We hope to continue the event in 2018!

IMG_3290.jpg Ice (and Snow) Dyeing

IMG_3409.jpgIce Dyeing Scarves

IMG_3295.jpg Lisa at Her Floor Loom